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Ministry of Building Innovation and Education (MOBIE)

The Design Challenge

The design of every new community needs to consider where and how its residents will live, learn, work, play, socialise and relax. In designing and creating new communities, we must always think about how we can help people to live sustainably, meeting their present needs whilst preserving the environment for future generations.

Capability Scotland is inviting young people across Scotland to work on a Design Challenge with people with disabilities to explore ideas and design a more inclusive community at Bertha Park.

Architect and TV Presenter George Clarke founded MOBIE in 2017 to inspire young people to revolutionise the way we think about the places we live. He aims to give younger generations a way to define how they want to live now and in the future. MOBIE has been engaged by Capability Scotland to support the “Building a more inclusive community at Bertha Park” challenge.

The key themes of the challenge are:

  • Building an inclusive community – accessibility to social interactions, opportunities to share space, resources and activities, and landscaping.
  • Sustainability – saving water, energy-efficient design, energy storage, and renewable energy generation.

We also welcome input and collaboration on topics out with these key themes.

To express an interest in the MOBIE design challenge and access our resource library, contact us by clicking here:


How can I help?

Donate now and help Capability Scotland deliver our Inclusive Community project, allowing the people we support to have their voice heard, contribute to society and fulfil their potential.

Read more about ways you can help.

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