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Co Production

Co-production is about combining everyone’s strengths so that we can work together to achieve positive change. 

When we talk about “co-production” we need to remember it’s not just a word, nor indeed is it just a concept, when we think of co-production, we must understand it is a meeting of minds, its people coming together to find a shared solution.  

For Capability Scotland, we are using a co-production approach to work with staff, the people we support and their families to draw on their direct experience of what it’s like to live and work at Upper Springland. By working with our project partners, such as architects and design team, we ensure that those impacted can have a say in what’s needed, how it’s developed and how it can be delivered.

This approach fully recognises the unique relationship and understanding staff have with the people they support and that harnessing their expertise to shape the future development of care provision and the design of the project is critical. 

Our Co-Production Leader, Naomi Smith, facilitates this exchange of ideas and brings people to the table as partners to ensure staff, the people we support and their families’ ideas are embedded into the proposals for Bertha Park.  

Our Inclusive Community Project at Bertha Park, Perth, co-production approach sets out, through co-design and collaborative process, to deliver exemplar support and accommodation that will enable the people we support to have greater quality of life, offering more choices around establishing and fulfilling their personal goals and the opportunities available to them. 

The evolution of our Co-Production Process

Throughout the spring and summer of 2022 over 600 comments, from staff, families and customers, using full sized studio bedroom “mock up”, as a focal point, have been collected.

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